Generic Cialis is taken with a glass of water. Taken about an hour before the actual sexual activity, the impact of Tadalafil lasts as long as 36 hours. That means stronger erection for hours and you can enjoy the real pleasure of sexual intercourse.

Caverta is a generic medication with an active drug composition of Sildenafil Citrate, the brand name of Viagra. Viagra and Caverta are absolutely same as far as pharmacological action, safety, effectiveness, dosage and directions are concerned. The only dissimilarity between them is the price, where you will find Caverta extensively cheaper than Viagra. Therefore, men can blindly rely on this generic drug to put an end to ED dilemma.

The drug starts to show its effects within half an hour but it is important to know that ED patients needs to be sexually stimulated after the consumption of the drug. However for men who are unable to express their feeling and cannot visit the drugstores can order this drug from online pharmacy and receive the package at their doorsteps. Men using drugs for other treatment should consult the doctor once before the intake of the drug. However Penegra is a safe drug and men can go for it as it has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is also recommended that one particular ought to be taking this medication if one is previously taking nitroglycerin or any other nitrate. If at all your are not guaranteed about any medicine that you are employing is acquiring nitrate or not , you need to without delay get hold of your medical doctor and uncover out previous to taking Kamagra.

Generic Viagra and the patented one coincide with all the functions right from the pharmaceutical mechanism, effective dosage, side effects, and the precautions. These two medicines only differ in their rates. The generic medicine is quite cheaper when compared to the branded Viagra.

Diabetes can lead to ED through a couple of processes. Elevated blood sugar levels in the body cause the same kinds of nerve damage and blood vessel damage in the penis that it does in other parts of the body. Diabetes and heart disease are also inextricably linked due to a number of reactions taking place in the body as a result of diabetes that has a direct impact on the heart. Erectile dysfunction occurs in men with diabetes and heart disease at a rate nine times greater than in men with neither condition.

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